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MRI SAR Youth Group

The MRI SAR Youth Group aims to develop Environmental Awareness, Safety awareness and Skills development and most importantly it’s Fun.

The MRI SAR Youth Group, is both an investment into the future of Kincardineshire lifeboat crew, and an effective route for raising awareness. The team undertake rescue training and work toward various national awards from Royal Yachting Association, John Muir Trust, Royal Lifesaving Society and Duke of Edinburgh organisations. It is important to have a significant fun element, but this can also build good water confidence and awareness. Day trips over and above normal club hours so far have included waterskiing, canoeing, surfing and diving. The team are very involved with fundraising efforts, both to further their own team, and to help MRI generally. In November the entire team slept out on the MRI 42 and raised £500 toward a winter boatbuilding programme.

It is vital that young people feel informed and empowered to promote safety messages in their own way, within their peer groups, particularly as there have been several teenage fatalities on the cliffs over the past few years. The ideas of the young people, are positively encouraged and supported. Their initiative and desire to spread safety messages has resulted in collaborations with a professional theatre group, art students, the local community safety group, poets and a sculptor, alongside lifeboat organisations, all within the first 6 months of this new dimension to MRI work. The benefits to the young people, MRI and the wider community have already proven enormous.

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MRI Education and Awareness Programmes

MRI runs educational and awareness programmes for its own personnel as well as for external groups and organisations. MRI has developed a methodology of presentation for these programmes that both encourages and benefits from shared learning. The knowledge gained, shared and passed on transcends cultures, generations and the social scale.

MRI aims to promote and advance the education of the public in maritime rescue. We achieve this by:

  • Visiting groups – schools, local clubs
  • Using knowledge of others
  • Learning from other cultures
  • Addressing the loss of inherent lifeboat skills (fishermen)
  • MRI Youth Group
  • Education for young people, with characters Rory & Ropey

We encourage visits by schools and enjoy giving Talks and Demos to all kinds of Associations and Groups.

For further advice or information about the MRI education programmes, please contact MRI’s Education & Projects or Tel. 01569 765668.

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MRI Schools

MRI has developed a programme of youth activities supporting its aim of public education and accident prevention in the waterborne environment.  The success and usefulness of the programmes already undertaken means that MRI is fully committed to the delivery of youth programmes in the future.

We can provide a programme for everything from Nursery to Secondary, for groups of 8 up to 60.

We are happy to work with schools to provide a programme that suits their particular needs, for example:

  • a curriculum linked geology field trip
  • children who are failing at school and need to learn alternative skills
  • a focus on enterprise, teambuilding, communications
  • nursery kids who need just the basic safety message …..

We will very soon be registered on Aberdeenshire Council’s Approved External Learning Providers list, and we have information sheets available on our standards and policies.

Please browse through the sections below explaining and illustrating some of our programmes. 

  • Why MRI wants to be involved with Youth Work;  Clients in 2005
  • MRI in Schools;  Sample Activities
  • Practical notes;  Cost
  • Feedback from Pupils and Schools
  • Gallery
  • Information sheets

For further advice or information about the MRI youth programmes, please contact MRI’s Education & Projects Office, or Tel. 01569 765668.